general Conditions of contract

In this article, the user/customer will be able to take vision of all the general conditions of the contract and, more precisely, the rules that govern the relations:

  1. between the company Barbarhouse s.r.l. and the owners/holders of the property;
  2. between the company Barbarhouse s.r.l. and the conductors-tourists;
  3. between conductors-tourists and property owners/owners of the property.


The BARBARHOUSE s.r.l., with headquarters in Casarano (Le), to the Piazza San Pietro n. 4, VAT 04020580751, the company is the operator of the task of promotion of tourism for the lease of properties that the principals (the owners or the owners) intend to propose to the customers (tourists-conductors-guests).

The Barbarhouse s.r.l. (hereinafter the company) is, therefore, authorized by the seller to provide the following services:
  1. advertise real estate on the internet sites owned by the company or other websites/portals that offer ideas holidays and on any other means of communication deemed appropriate;
  2. accept bookings of units for the account and interest of the assignor;
  3. to collect the deposit/balance on the fee/the price agreed or determined directly from the company itself.
  4. in case of delegation/authorization of clients, to carry out the various operations concerning the stay of the conductors-tourists, including: delivery of keys, collection of the balance and security deposit, return of keys and any dispute of any damage caused by the tenants of the property. The operations of cleaning and problem solving are carried out by a special external service companies to BarbarHouse s.r.l., in order to avoid any inconvenience in order to the above services, the tourist is obliged to inform, in advance, of the person granting the services themselves.
  5. THE individual relations between tenants and landlords involved exclusively between the Owner - the Owner of the property and the client (tourist-guest-conductor). It follows that the company is completely extraneous to this relationship of the lease.
The client (tourist-guest-conductor), by making a reservation through the company, declares to be aware of the contents of this document only to, and accept, expressly and unequivocally, the following general rental conditions:
The booking will be made, when received, to the company, the payment of the deposit, via bank transfer, credit card, postal order, bank draft/check, cash.
The client expressly excludes any other use of the property, if not the right one to meet housing needs of a transitory nature and for the exclusive purposes of tourism.
The customer must provide the company within 7 days from the beginning of your stay, a list of all names, full of dati population of people who will occupy the property. Such number shall in no case be higher than that of sleeps, as shown in the description of the property, unless specific and prior arrangement with the company.
tourists may give notice of cancellation of the reservation by registered letter anticipated via fax, within 15 days from the date of arrival. In this case, will forfeit the entire amount of the paid deposit. In the event of the withdrawal of the reservation to intervene in a time period less than 15 days prior to arrival, the customer, in addition to losing the deposit paid, will be liable to pay to the company a penalty equal to 30% of the entire rental fee for a total of 70%.
and) THE individual relations between tenants and landlords involved exclusively between the Owner - the Owner of the property and the client (tourist-guest-conductor). It follows that the company is completely extraneous to the lease relationship.
upon arrival the customer is required to submit, to the owner or to his representative, the voucher of reservation, an identity document valid (passport or identity card), for obligations pursuant to applicable laws, and to make payment of the balance. Said payment shall be made entirely in cash, credit card or cashier`s check issued by a credit institute in italy. Will not be accepted, therefore, cheques or postal orders. Later, after checking the correspondence of the building with photos and descriptions, generic published by the company, between the parties (owner and customer) will be signed a lease for tourist use. The owner, finally, it will issue a tax receipt for the balance received. In the case of a payment in cash, the limit is 2.999 for each occupant of legal age who will lease pro quota of the property.
g) With the withdrawal of the keys of the property, the customer becomes the custodian of the same, of the furniture and anything else that is indicated in the inventory, provided by the owner or his representative, will sign. Will hold the property with the diligence of a good father of a family, and will return at the end of the period of use, the related keys.
h) The ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the property rented, will the owner or the company, by the same delegate. Therefore, the customer, and who with Him during the stay will not be able to maneuver or tamper with the controls that regulate the operation of the facilities (water, electric, swimming pool, irrigation etc) of the property. In case of necessity will have to contact the company, which will in the shortest possible time, without prejudice to the absolute prohibition of maneuver commands to the clothing. In the case of non-observance of this prohibition, the customer will be held responsible for damage caused, understood as consequential damage and loss of profit.
i) The owner or his representative reserves the right to access, to be agreed with the customer, in order to perform the operations of ordinary maintenance of the property (pool, garden, etc.).
l) At the time of the withdrawal of the keys, the Customer will pay the deposit, to the extent indicated in the technical data for the description of the property, to cover any damages that may be caused, and in the course of the stay-vacation, to the property, its structural components, plant, furniture and anything else taken into custody. If the damages exceed the amount paid as a deposit, the Client shall be obliged to claim compensation for greater damages. The deposit, in consideration of the type and duration of the contract shall be non-interest bearing and, in the absence of damage, will be returned at the end of the holiday period.
The property will be delivered clean and in perfect order. The Customer, if specified in the description of the property, is obliged to clean the property on departure through a service company agreement with the Barbarhouse Srl and pour the amount fixed directly to the owner or his representative. This amount, in each case, does not include the cleaning of the kitchen corner and the rubbish removal are always charged to the customer. In the absence of this, the owner or his representative may charge the customer the extra expense that will be due at the time of departure as compensation for the damage (min 50 euros).
n) Where charges for utilities (gas, electricity, drinking water etc.) are not included in the rent and agreed to with the company, these will be calculated based on actual consumption, and will be paid at the time of departure, minus, in the case of non-agreement, from the security deposit.
or) In case of impossibility supervening on the part of the owner to ensure the rental for the period booked at the prospective tenant will be provided by the company Barbarhouse s.r.l. re-protect the customer in another accommodation of equivalent or higher at the discretion of the Company subject to prior agreement with the promissarius conductor. In the case of non-agreement, the company agrees to refund fully the payment of the promissory conductor by means of bank transfer on the IBAN that these will indicate.
p) For any dispute will be settled via the conventional and the court of Lecce.

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